International May Conference on Strategic Management – IMCSM22

International May Conference on Strategic Management (IMCSM) is a leading international conference in the field of general management. This conference is annually organized by Management Department of Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade.

The 18th International May Conference on Strategic Management – IMCSM22 will take place in the period 27-29 May 2022. Due to the still acute situation with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be organized online, using the ZOOM platform for the web conferences.

The official opening of the conference will be on Saturday May 28th and it will be followed by a plenary session, after which authors will presented their papers. The detailed program with the presentations schedule will be announced after the deadline for submission of papers.

All papers accepted for presentation at the IMCSM22 will be published in the IMCSM22 Book of Abstracts as well as in IMCSM22 Proceedings.

Plenary lecturers of the IMCSM22 conference

Marek Szarucki, PhD, is an associate professor and head of the Department of Strategic Analysis at the Cracow University of Economics (Poland). He was a visiting researcher at the UCL School of Management (the Bekker scholarship, from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) for six months in 2019. His scientific interests concentrate on the methodology of management sciences, strategic management, entrepreneurship in Eastern and Central Europe, and innovation management. He is the author or co-author of peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters. He is a member of the editorial board of several international scientific journals. He is also a member of the European Academy of Management and the Academy of Management. He will present a plenary lecture entitled “Peculiarities of international scientific collaboration in the field of strategic management.”

Jaideep Gupte completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Engineering from Bombay University, India, a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida, and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University. He has vast work experience in different industrial sectors such as health care and manufacturing (forging castings, machining) from 2005-2020 in the United States, India, and China. He also has teaching experience in production management, operations research, and statistics. Currently, he is working as a consultant to small and medium-sized enterprises in China as well as a sales and distribution representative for manufacturing companies in the areas of forging rolling and machining. He will present a plenary lecture entitled: “Review of machining tools processes and moulding machines with design considerations.”

Vladimir Mihajlović, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac, Republic of Serbia. He holds several courses on bachelor, master, and doctoral academic studies. His main areas of scientific research are macroeconomics and macroeconomic modeling, the history and development of economic thought, and labor economics. Professor Mihajlović authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and participated in organization boards of several national and international conferences. He is a member of the Serbian Scientific Association of Economists.  At the Conference, he will present the plenary lecture entitled: “Strategic approach to youth employment policy in Serbia: trends, perspectives and challenges”.

Alptekin Ulutaş is an associate professor in the International Trade and Logistics Department at Sivas Cumhuriyet University in Sivas, Turkey. He has taken a Ph.D. degree from the University of Wollongong, Australia, in February 2016. He has been serving as an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Sivas Cumhuriyet University since December 2020. So far, he has written over 40 articles and 20 conference papers in total. His research areas are logistics, stock management, optimization, multi-criteria decision making, fuzzy multi-criteria decision making, grey multi-criteria decision making, and fuzzy and stochastic programming. He has 18 SCI-E and 2 SSCI indexed papers. Additionally, he has published one book and ten book chapters. At the Conference, he will present the plenary lecture entitled: “A fuzzy hybrid MCDM model to solving the transportation company selection problem”.

Darko Stefanovic has a PhD in Industrial and Engineering Management and works as an Associate Professor at the University of Novi Sad. He is also a vice-dean for Science and International Cooperation and head of Chair of Information and Communication Systems at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. His research interest includes ERP systems, e-learning systems, e-government systems, data mining, and business process mining in production planning. Darko Stefanovic has published in several international information systems journals. He will present the plenary lecture entitled: “Success of information systems – a case study of online teaching”.

Predrag Djordjevic is an associate professor at the Management Department of Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, Serbia. The main areas of his scientific research are application of advanced statistical tools for managing production processes and the quality of services in different sectors, as well as the modeling of technological processes for reliable prediction of their output. He is author or co-author of more than 20 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, two chapters in international monographs and one university textbook. He has been involved in organization of numerous international and national conferences. At the Conference he will present the research on the topic of “Development of models for measuring and managing quality in service industries”.

Organizers of the conference are happy to announce that the International May Conference on Strategic Management will be submitted to be covered by the Clarivate Analytics. The conference is already indexed in the EBSCOhost database, and in previous years was indexed in the Web of Science (WoS). WoS requires renewal of submission for each year, therefore, the Book of proceedings of the IMCSM2022 will be submitted to be indexed in the Clarivate Analytics Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Science, this year as well.

Selected papers from the conference will be published in Serbian Journal of Management – SJM an international journal for theory and practice of Management science. Serbian Journal of Management is covered by SCOPUS, EBSCO and SCImago database (SJR = 0.27 – Q3).

Also, there is possibility to publish selected manuscripts of the conference in the journal The Acta Oeconomica Universitatis Selye , which is indexed in ERIH PLUS base.

Conference topics are:

  • Strategic management
  • General management
  • Industrial and facility management
  • Material flow management
  • Environmental management
  • Management methods
  • Project management
  • Operational systems and technology
  • Quality management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Production management
  • Production systems management
  • Financial management
  • Management informational systems
  • Management informational technologies
  • Maintenance management
  • Management in practice
  • Healthcare and Sport management
  • Risk management
  • Tourism and Hospitality management
  • Agricultural and Forestry management
  • Special applications of management methods

Scientific Board (SB) of the Conference:

Živković, Ž., University of Belgrade, Technical faculty in Bor, president of SB.

Đorđević, P., University of Belgrade, Technical faculty in Bor, vice-president of SB.

SB Members:

  1. Aćimović, S., University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics,  Belgrade, Serbia;
  2. Bazen, J., Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, The Netherlands;
  3. Beh, L.S., University of Malaya, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  4. Chelishvili, A., Business and Technology University, Tbilisi, Georgia;
  5. Danilović, M., Halmstad University, Halmstad, Sweden;
  6. Duysters, G., Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;
  7. Filipović, J.,  University in Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Science, Belgrade, Serbia;
  8. Gao, S., Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom;
  9. Gerasimenko, V.,  Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, Moscow, Russia;
  10. Grošelj, P., University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  11. Gupte, J., Goa Institute of Management, Poriem, Sattari, Goa, India;
  12. Halis, M., Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Faculty of Communications, Bolu, Turkey;
  13. Huth, M., Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Fulda,  Germany;
  14. Kangas, Y., University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland;
  15. Kume, V., University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, Albania;
  16. Mihajlović, I., University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor, Serbia;
  17. Michelberger, P.,  Obuda University, Budapest, Hungray;
  18. Mura, L., University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Trnava, Slovakia;
  19. Mumford, M. D., University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA
  20. Nordal, A., Municipal Undertaking for Educational Buildings and Property, Oslo,    Norway;
  21. Pang, J., Shanxi University, School of Computer and Information Technology, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China;
  22. Parnell, J. A., University of North Carolina Pembroke, School of Business, Pembroke, USA;
  23. Pavlov, D., “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, Bulgaria;
  24. Prasad, R.,  Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Management Studies, India;
  25. Radulescu, M.,  University of Pitiesti, Faculty of Economics, Pitiesti, Romania;
  26. Radosavljević, S., Kolubara coal basin, Lazarevac, Serbia;
  27. Remeikiene, R., Mykolas Romeris University, Vilinius, Lithuania;
  28. Safronova, N.,  Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, Russia;
  29. Spasojević Brkić, V., University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia;
  30. Stevic, Ž., University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Doboj,  Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  31. Stefanović, D., University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia;
  32. Szewieczek, A.,  University of Economics in Katowice, Katowice, Poland;
  33. Szarucki, M., Cracow University of Economics, Cracow, Poland;
  34. Virglerová, Z., Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Center for Applied Economic Research, Zlin, Czech Republic;
  35. Usman, B., University of Bengkulu, Faculty of Economics and Business, Bengkulu, Indonesia;
  36. Zwikael, O., The Australian National University, Research School of Management, Canberra, Australia.


Submission of applications for
participation and abstracts in English
30 March 2022
Payment of the participation fee30 March 2022
Submission of the full text of papers15 June 2022

Conference registration and submission of abstracts should be done using the online form at:

Abstracts: abstracts of the papers and reports should be submitted in English language (for authors from Serbia also in Serbian language). The abstracts should be prepared in following style and shall contain: title (font Times New Roman, Bold, Capital Letters, 14pt, centered), authors’ names and addresses (Times New Roman, Bold, 12pt, Italic, centered), text not exceeding 1800 characters (Times New Roman, Normal, 12pt, justified) with margins: top and left – 30mm, bottom and right – 25mm, in A4 format (210х297 mm).

Full Manuscripts: Full length papers should be submitted in English or Serbian language. Full length manuscripts should be submitted to the email or to the email 

The manuscripts should be written in MS WORD 2003 or a higher version and prepared according to the instructions for authors.

Preparation of the manuscripts and instructions for authors:

The manuscripts should be written in MS Word 2003 or in a higher version.

MS Word template for full paper preparation is available here: IMCSM-template-NEW2022

Conference fee:

Conference fee can be payed in EURO (125) or Serbian Dinars (15 000). Payment Reference Number is assigned to each submission after completion of the online registration form at and it will be sent to the corresponding author in the official letter of acceptance.

Details regarding payment in EURO:






FIELD 59: (Beneficiary Customer) /RS35840000000009279051 This is IBAN



For the payment in Serbian Dinars the following account should be used:

Technical Faculty in Bor, Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia

Account No: 840-1478666-37

All further information about the conference and future events you can obtain from:

Professor Aleksandra Fedajev, President of Organizing Committee. Address: Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia. Contact email:,

Professor Marija Panić, Vice President of Organizing Committee; Address: Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia. Contact email:,

Professor Danijela Voza, Vice President of Organizing Committee; Address: Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia. Contact email:

Official Books of Proceedings from all previous conferences are available at:


In parallel with the IMCSM22, 18th Students symposium on strategic management will be organized. Students at the bachelor and master level do not have to pay the conference fee. Students at the PhD level do have to pay, with 50% discount.

For additional details, considering the students symposium, contact PhD Sanela Arsić, President of the Students Symposium Organizing Committee, Address: Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia, email: or Msc. Adrijana Jevtić, Vice President of the Students Symposium Organizing Committee, Address:  Vojske Jugoslavije 12, 19210 Bor, Serbia, email:

Technical Faculty in Bor, University in Belgrade has provided its Privacy Policy in accordance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please make sure that you read and get familiar with the Privacy Policy. The organizers of the IMCSM conference can assure you that all of the personal data collected for the purpose of organizing IMCSM conference will be only used for facilitating the organization of the conference and for publishing of the conference materials.

If you have any concerns about how University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor is handling your personal information via IMCSM conference and if you find these actions in violation of our Privacy Policy, please contact us via email at The editorial office of the IMCSM Proceedings can be contacted via the following emails: or If we don’t receive any complaints and other kind of feedback from you regarding the Privacy Policy, we will consider that you agree to all the terms mentioned in the Privacy Policy and that you don’t find your personal data, which has been shared and collected in regards to the IMCSM, misused by the organizers of the conference.

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